Your Lovelife: Online Dating Or Escorts

A lot of guys rely on escorts for sex. They simply consider the “normal” dating process to time-consuming and frustrating. Many of these same men are trying online dating. Success in online dating relies on post recent photos, being thorough, honest, and an emphasis on your unique qualities.

The online profile posted on dating web sites is essentially the ‘marketing tool’ that will be searched when a prospective date or mate is deciding whether to contact you or not! It is well worth the investment of thought and time.

Vegas Fantasy Babes

Vegas Fantasy Babes

First and foremost, one should not rush the posting of an online profile. If you’re used to dating escorts, you’re used to how fast it is. Online dating is a little different. I have dabbled in online dating a few times before and definitely had some good results as well as some interesting encounters. Misspelled words, incorrect grammar, etc. deter prospective dates and contacts who are forming their image of you and trying to decide to “wink,” e-mail, or otherwise establish contact.

Therefore, answer all the requested questions and put some thought into your responses.

Secondly, be honest. Sure maybe you and your Las Vegas escort probably didn’t have many honest, heart-to-heart talks. But you’re trying to move to a real relationship now, so things are a little different. If you meet someone and discover the bulk of their online profile was in fact false, or inaccurate it damages their reputation and wastes time. So be honest and truthful in your entire profile.

This brings me to my third key point — be yourself. Be confident in who you are and your unique attributes.

Post a current picture of yourself so it is an accurate representation of what you look like when you meet in person. I have met many a person who I perceived to be younger, thinner, or have more hair given their ‘online picture‘. Of course that’s true of some pictures on escort agency websites as well. I didn’t mind the mature, stockier, distinguished, balder person but began to question what else had they misrepresented. It damaged their overall credibility.

It’s exhausting to try to keep up a facade or pretend to be someone you’re not. When trying to stand out online, let your uniqueness shine through; it’s what makes you, you.

Be proud of what makes you unusual and put it out there. You will be thrilled to meet someone who shares that interest, or can appreciate that.

As it costs money to post an online profile, make the most of that investment of thought and time to create a unique profile. It cost money to date an escort as well. At least with online dating you have the chance to get many dates from the same person for your low initial investment.