Why Online Dating Creates Happier Relationships

Psychologists based at Chicago University recently released a report on a study which shows that couples who first met online have a greater chance of forming a happy, lasting relationship than those who met through more conventional means.

The study, which involved interviews with some 20,000 couples who married between 2005 and 2012, of which just over a third met their partner online, found that those who did meet online had a 25% higher chance of the marriage lasting than those who didn’t. The report also outlined how couples who met online gave answers which indicated that they were generally happier within their relationships than those who met offline.

online dating

One of the potential reasons cited for this phenomenon is that couples who meet online begin on a more level playing field. Filling in profiles means that each party begins the relationship with an honest assessment of who they are and what they are looking for, information which is not always revealed immediately or even at all when people meet face to face.

Those who are looking for marriage or a long term relationship, or even to start a family, are able to state those facts before they even meet someone, meaning that the majority of people they do end up communicating with are also interested in a similar outcome.

Figures show that one in five relationships in Las Vegas today begins with a meeting via an online dating site, and as much as half the population of United States has at one point or another searched the internet looking for love. Dating website providers offer their customers the opportunity to display as much or as little information about themselves as they wish, and to view thousands of profiles of other people looking for love, romance or friendship. You can find out more information about online dating in this The Atlantic article as well as in this Entrepreneur post.

As potential new couples are able to find out pertinent information about each other before they even begin to communicate, this greatly increases the chances of forming a lasting relationship in comparison to meeting someone in a bar or at work and relying on chemistry to form the initial attraction.